Dahle CleanTEC Shredders

DAHLE CleanTEC® Shredders

The Future of Data Security is here! The DAHLE CleanTEC® Shredder is the most technologically advanced shredder ever developed and features the world's first shredder with an integrated dust filtration system. These intelligent machines are also equipped with revolutionary features such as Dahle CleanTEC filtration, automatic EvenFlow lubrication, and SmartPower Energy Management.

Small OfficeDahle CleanTEC CleanTEC Small Office Shredders

OfficeDahle CleanTEC Office Shredders

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High SecurityDahle CleanTEC High Security Shredders

  • Feed Width: 10.25" to 16"
  • Security Level: P-7
  • NSA/CSS 02-01 Approved
  • SmartPower Energy Mgt.
  • Auto EvenFlow Lubrication
*Sheet capacity will vary depending on paper size, weight, quality, and sufficient power supply.