Dahle Small Office Shredders

Dahle Small Office Shredders

Proficiency best describes Dahle Small Office Shredders with their ability to get the job done quickly and easily with minimal effort. Small offices or teams of employees will benefit from the ease of use and quiet operation of these small to mid-size shredders. They're perfect for destroying personnel records, client proposals and tax information.

The 402xx, 412xx, and 502xx shredders offer a 9.5" feed opening that empties into an 11 gal. waste compartment. The 403xx, 413xx, and 503xx shredders offer a slightly larger 10 1/4" opening and a 23 gal. waste bin. These elegantly designed machines feature a cutting mechanism that rests on vibration absorbing rubber shock mounts. When in operation, the entire head "floats" in the wooden cabinet and produces minimal noise. Additional features include auto on/off, reverse, and continuous run operation. These shredders are equipped with SmartPower to reduce power consumption and conserve energy.

For immediate assistance in choosing a Small Office Shredder that best fits your needs, contact a Dahle Customer Relations Representative at (800) 995-1379

Dahle Professional Shredders

40206Dahle 40206 Small Office Shredder

40214Dahle 40214 Small Office Shredder

40306Dahle 40306 Small Office Shredder

40314Dahle 40314 Small Office Shredder

40330Dahle 40330 Small Office Shredder

DAHLE CleanTEC® Shredders

41214DAHLE CleanTEC® 41214 Small Office Shredder

41314DAHLE CleanTEC® 41314 Small Office Shredder

41322DAHLE CleanTEC® 41322 Small Office Shredder

Dahle MHP Oil Free Shredders

50214Dahle 50214 MHP Oil-Free Small Office Shredder

  • Feed Width: 9.5"
  • Sheet Capacity: 10 / 12
  • Security Level: P-4
  • Waste Volume: 11 gal.
  • Oil-Free / Maintenance Free

50314Dahle MHP Oil Free Small Office Shredder

  • Feed Width: 10.25"
  • Sheet Capacity: 14 / 16
  • Security Level: P-4
  • Waste Volume: 23 gal.
  • Oil-Free / Maintenance Free
*Sheet capacity will vary depending on paper size, weight, quality, and sufficient power supply.